Are you a 2 finger typist??
Type with all 10 fingers and thumbs within minutes of reading this book
Multi-Sensory Touch Typing in Minutes Book

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Teach the letters to your fingers not your fingers to the letters!
QWERTYQWIK is a really quick and effective way to learn to touch type. This is unlike any other typing programs available and will have you typing (without searching for keys) in just minutes. 

Just put the multi-sensory system into action and let your fingers do the rest.

Normally, fingers are taught to find the letters on the keyboard taking months and years to build up adequate speed, a great need for discipline is involved so as not to look at the keyboard.
 Frances, personally and through her book teaches letters to the Fingers in just minutes, so there is no need to look at the keyboard any longer because each finger knows just where it has to go! 

  • Revolutionary Teaching Method
  • You can learn to touch type in just 20 - 30 minutes. 
  • Leaves other traditional typing methods in the dust. 
  • QWERTYQWIK  Multi SensoryTyping Tutor is in big demand due to its speed and simplicity. 
  • Great for young and old alike. It teaches the letters to the fingers not the fingers to the letters!!!! 
  • Qwertyqwik is the multi sensory way of learning to type.
  • Only on this and the Fingerithmatic web site.
  • Businessmen who find typing up reports time consuming and frustrating are delighted to learn touch keyboarding. 
  • A huge saving in time and resources for any company.
  • Women who did not previously need keyboard skills are delighted to find their fingers walking over the keyboard as if they have been typing all their lives. 
Teach the letters to the fingers, not the fingers to the letters!
It takes only 5-30 minutes to learn
depending on your skills and keyboard knowledge.
  • Clients have learned to type again after suffering head injuries, however a whole new pattern of learning must take place in the brain. 
  • If the visual memory has been damaged, then more time is needed to train the other senses.
  • Simply learning the multi sensory technique will bring about a whole new world to those otherwise limited by their disabilities.
​ Repetition is the mother of retention!!

  • While teaching at Tapanui School in West Otago, several 5 year olds learned the letters on their fingers as well as where to find the 'full stop' or' period' all in just under an hour.

  •  Another class of 7-8-year-olds learned their letters in 40 minutes, also an amazing achievement!

  • Children as young as 10 have enjoyed their new-found typing skills and are honing them to reach speeds of 50 words per minute in only weeks. Read their letters.

5 year old reviewing her alphabet from the previous day's teaching.
  • While teaching at an alternative school in Whangarei, NZ, at the end of March, Frances taught a group of students how to do Fingerithmatic and Qwertyqwik.* 

  • Reese, one of the students set the world record for touch-typing by learning the entire keyboard in 11 minutes and 52 seconds, taking 8 minutes and 8 seconds off the previous record set by a Dunedin teacher in 2001.
  • Tauranga's Otumoetai College benefitted from a visit by Frances More's teaching company. 

  • Teachers and commercial classes were impressed with the speed they were able to learn to touch type without the need to look at the keys or keyboard!. 

  • One teacher commented negatively about her teaching touch typing without the use of keyboards.

  • After the lesson his comments were very favourable "I thought you were stupid not using a keyboard, but I can see this way makes a lot of sense!" 

  • "I am very impressed!" he said.
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